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Sosby Blades Spike w/ VEIL Solutions IWB Sheath


Sosby Blades Spike w/ VEIL Solutions IWB Sheath


Here at the Victory Gun Blog we are always in search of companies that are joining us in a fight for Victory.

A great example of this is Sosby Blades and VEIL Solutions. Both companies are known for their top notch gear that is sure to perform when you need it to.  To make it even better, both companies are located right here in the great state of Georgia!

You can check out the article I wrote on Sosby Blades and how they are made here.

We collaborated with both companies to offer a ready to carry fighting knife.

Sosby Blades Spike:

  • CPM 154 Steel
  • Right hand chisel ground for ease of field sharpening.
  • Japanese inspired cord wrap for a non-slip grip. 
  • 3.5" blade 7.5" overall 5/32 thick.

VEIL Solutions Sheath;

  • Kydex
  • Black
  • Made in the USA
  • IWB Clip Included  
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