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Pursuing Victory - Shooters World Powder

We are excited to launch a new series here on the Victory Gun Blog.  This series will be called “Pursuing Victory” and will focus on various companies in the firearms industry that Aaron and I believe are pursing victory in not only the products they produce, but also in their actions and customer service.

As you know, Victory Gun Blog is always focused on the path to victory. For me, that primarily comes in the form of competition shooting.  Competition shooters are always in search of the next product that will give them an edge up on their competition.  Having reloaded tens of thousands of rounds of 9mm over the past few years I have always been interested in advancements in the world of powder technology.  After hearing various reviews about Shooters World Powder, I decided to give it a try. I quickly fell in love with it, and now use them as my primary powder source for reloading.  The vast majority of my use has been shooting their Clean Shot powder. 

The major reasons I switched to Shooters World Powders are the cleanliness, consistency, and price point.  After just a few hundred rounds I noticed that my pistol stayed cleaner.  I hate cleaning guns, so this was a big positive for me.  In addition, the powder has shown to be quite consistent. Yes, consistent performance to result in single digit deviations and a very low extreme spread. I noticed a decrease in-group size after switching and will soon be doing a variety of temperature tests to see how the powder handles in various climates.  The final factor that played a big role was the price point. I do not believe in sacrificing quality for a cheaper product, but when quality can excel and the price stays low it’s a win-win situation.

When the Gerard’s invited me to come tour their South Carolina facility, I couldn’t resist. I am always interested in meeting business owners in the firearms industry that are moving forward in their thinking and pursing victory in whatever they do.

 Shooters World Powder's beautiful office!

Shooters World Powder's beautiful office!

Karen and Ned Gerard started Shooters World Powder here in the USA, in 2012. They are located on 84 acres in Chesnee, SC, just up the road from Victory Gun Blog. All of the warehousing, packaging operations and administrative offices are here in the United States at their Chesnee, SC facility. In addition to the rather large facility, Shooters World also has a 400-yard range on site that they use for various ballistic testing.

As you know, a pursuit of Victory is necessary for me to consider a company for this series. Ned Gerard shot in the 2008 Olympics and four Pan-Am games. In addition, he received 21 medals in International games. Karen was ranked 82nd in the World Women’s Olympics and shot in 3 Pan-Am games. That is exactly what I call, a purist of victory. Due to their involvement in the sport, Ned and Karen sparked the interest to import the same top quality powders used while shooting in the competitive world to the Shooting Sports Industry in the US market.

The powder is imported from Explosia, in the Czech Republic, with the brand name of Lovex. Shooters World Powders currently offers 13 various canister powders for those who reload and 15 OEM powders for use by ammunition manufactures. Their offerings cover it all, from reloading shotgun shells, to reloading precision rifle ammunition and everything in between. Shooters World Powder is available to Consumers, Dealer and Distributors. For additional information, please contact Shooters World @ 864-663-9600 or Kevin Tapia (Sales Associate) @ 704-904-8103.


After hearing the story behind the company, I was curious to hear about the science behind their formulation.  That is where Ken Johnson steps in.  Ken is the ballistician for Shooters World Powder. Ken’s experience goes back to him and his wife also competing in the Olympics. His knowledge has been used extensively in the world of internal ballistics and propellant design to both the commercial firearms industry and the United States Department of Defense. Furthermore, Ken has developed and manufactured propellants as an R&D engineer for various manufacturers. He has also diagnosed ballistics issues and worked with major ammunition manufactures for more than a decade as a Technical Services Representative.

All in all, Shooters World Powder is without a doubt pursing victory in the world of reloading and I am excited to watch their company continue to grow!

 Two 5 shots at 25 yards groups utilizing Shooter's World Powder and Precision Delta projectiles.

Two 5 shots at 25 yards groups utilizing Shooter's World Powder and Precision Delta projectiles.

You can learn more about Shooters World Powder by visiting their website here. We will be doing a variety of testing with their powders over the next few months, so be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to stay up to date!