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Aaron Swann has spent 5 years as an Atlanta Police Officer patrolling the city's west-side. He is a member of the departments new Tactical Field Operator unit, and has participated in extensive department training in both handguns and through participation in the city's patrol rifle platform.

Outside of departmental training  he has continued to pursue firearms mastery on his own dime taking classes from numerous instructors within the southeast and participating in both handgun and 3-gun competitions. He is an NRA certified instructor, frequently teaching handgun classes. Passionate about the rights he swore to protect he also speaks in seminars about armed citizens' interaction with law enforcement officers, encouraging students to be more aware of the rights, responsibilities, and consequences that come with exercising ones right to self defense.


Luke Crawford is a photographer, competitive shooter and political activist. Luke got his start in shooting at Woodruff scout camp as a Boy Scout and has since competed in 3 Gun, GADPA, IDPA, USPSA and long-range competitions such as the Mammoth Sniper Challenge.  In addition to his involvement in the world of competitive shooting, Luke is also actively involved in insuring our right to bear arms by serving as the Georgia State Director for Student for Concealed Carry.  

Luke furthers his involvement in the firearms industry through his company Jawbone Media. Jawbone Media focuses on providing photography services for the defense industry that are guaranteed to enhance ones brand.